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New film documents real-life Avatar story

Deep in a forest brimming with life, an indigenous tribe struggles to survive against the onslaught of a greedy corporation bent on stealing the natural resources beneath their home. Sound…
Red-eyed tree frog. Photo credit: Rhett A. Butler

The top 10 most biodiverse countries

Author's note: The data that underpins this post is updated on a regular basis on Mongabay's rainforest site: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Vascular Plants. September 26, 2021 update: this…
Red-eyed tree frog. Photo credit: Rhett A. Butler

Can privatization save parks?

anaging national parks and conservation areas is expensive. Paying staff salaries, maintaining buildings, managing land, and conserving wildlife: these things don’t come cheap. Traditionally governments have carried the tab, but…
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