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Frog ‘saunas’ may help threatened frogs fight off deadly fungus

New study reaffirms Indigenous lands key to mitigating climate change in Brazil

Zambian forest reserve rebounds with a little assistance

Peru puts endemic fog oasis under protection

Know your salamander: To conserve amphibians, study their intelligence (commentary)

A Brazilian city restores its mangroves to protect against climate change

Alaska’s Arctic rivers turn rusty orange as permafrost thaws

An ancestral solution ensures water for Peruvian alpaca farmers, but is it enough?

Yucatán Peninsula’s hidden underground life tracks changes at the surface

A fishing community celebrates its right to manage a Brazilian state park

Collective effort monitors Amazon wildlife in heavily logged Brazil state

Messengers of the gods: Nara’s ‘sacred’ deer at a conservation crossroads

Chile to protect some salt flats, but selection lacks data, scientists say

As coffee expands in Bangladesh hills, conservationists worry about ecosystems

New satellite data documents deforestation across ecosystems worldwide

Venezuela’s shrimp farms push for sustainability against hardship and oil spills

Bangladesh island’s switch from solar power to fossil fuels threatens birds

Fishers, scientists restore mangroves on a Mexican isle wrecked by salt mining

Saving Asia’s fishing cat means protecting threatened wetland habitat

Malawi police arrest elephant poachers in Kasungu National Park

‘Planting water, eating Caatinga & irrigating with the sun’: Interview with agroecologist Tião Alves

Rising temperatures threaten the tiny animals responsible for groundwater quality

Huge new no-fishing zones give Antarctic marine predators and their prey a break

How a wind farm on Brazil’s coast erased a fishing village from the map

Brazil risks losing the Pampa grassland to soy farms and sand patches

Norway pension fund breaks with U.K. conglomerate Jardines over endangered orangutan habitat

Indonesian gold mine expanding in ‘wrong direction’ into orangutan habitat

Project retraces Darwin’s voyage, educating young conservation leaders

On Kaho’olawe, new technology could restore a sacred Hawaiian island

A highway project in Chile threatens one of the world’s longest-living tree species

UN award for Nepal’s tiger range restoration spurs euphoria amid challenges

The new Arctic: Amid record heat, ecosystems morph and wildlife struggle

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