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Ever-evolving Montreal Protocol a model for environmental treaties

The HFC challenge: Can the Montreal Protocol continue its winning streak?

‘Profound ignorance’: Microbes, a missing piece in the biodiversity puzzle

Humanity’s dysfunctional relationship with Earth can still be fixed, report says

Podcast: Though humanity exceeds key ‘planetary boundaries’ there are many solutions

The nine boundaries humanity must respect to keep the planet habitable

U.N. report lays out blueprint to end ‘suicidal war on nature’

IPBES report details path to exit current ‘pandemic era’

The Amazon savanna? Rainforest teeters on the brink as climate heats up

Scientists launch ambitious conservation project to save the Amazon

Climate conundrum: Could COVID-19 be linked to early Arctic ice melt?

Game changer? Antarctic ice melt related to tropical weather shifts: Study

Melting Arctic sea ice may be altering winds, weather at equator: study

10 noteworthy books on conservation and the environment from 2019

Fires and greenhouse gases fuel drying of the Amazon

What’s at stake after Chile cancels its hosting of COP25?

Research outlines ‘roadmap’ for land use to slow climate change

Call for scientists to engage in environmental movements strikes chord

The Arctic and climate change (1979 – 2019): What the ice record tells us

2019 in line for second lowest Arctic sea ice extent record

Forests and forest communities critical to climate change solutions

Venezuelan crisis: Caring for priceless botanical treasures in a failed state

Arctic in free fall: 2019 sea ice volume sinks to near record for June

Arctic sea ice extent just hit a record low for early June; worse may come

Deforestation diminishes access to clean water, study finds

Arctic in trouble: Sea ice melt falls to record lows for early April

Malaysian state chief: Highway construction must not destroy forest

Tapirs could be key in helping degraded rainforests bounce back

New maps show where humans are pushing species closer to extinction

Antarctica now shedding ice six times faster than in 1979

A Brazilian mourns what was lost in the National Museum fire

Maps tease apart complex relationship between agriculture and deforestation in DRC

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