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Cerrado: appreciation grows for Brazil’s savannah, even as it vanishes

Amazon forest to savannah tipping point could be far closer than thought (commentary)

Kenyan farmers reap economic, environmental gains from ABCDs of agroforestry

Long-term droughts are throttling growth in Hawaiian forests, finds airborne laser-based study

Scientists predict tree death from drought in California’s Sierra Nevadas

Unfair trade: US beef has a climate problem

Healthy soils can boost food security and climate resilience for millions (commentary)

Doubts cloud Kenya’s renewed palm oil ambitions

Kenyans fear proposed Trump cuts could threaten elephants, ranger jobs

Trump budget threatens Zimbabwe climate change resilience programs

Groundwater may play key role in forest fires

Drylands greener with forests than previously thought

The Tana River, Kenya’s lifeblood, strains under development and drought

Murky future for freshwater fish in the Amazon floodplains

Climate change key suspect in the case of India’s vanishing groundwater

Significant declines in Colorado River flows likely to continue as temperatures rise

The Spirit of the Steppes: Saving Central Asia’s saiga

Getting there: The rush to turn the Amazon into a soy transport corridor

NASA and NOAA: 2016 hottest recorded year ever

NASA scientists find connection between fires and droughts in sub-Saharan Africa

‘Out of control’ wildfires damage protected areas in northern Peru

New report: Brazil’s Cerrado could sidestep conversion for agriculture

Strongest drought in 25 years hits Bolivia

Youth, women, indigenous group pay the price of logging in Kenya

Amid epic drought, villagers bitter over Zimbabwean ethanol plant

Study: Drought impedes tree growth, shuts down Amazon carbon sink

NASA images show the Amazon could be facing an intense wildfire season this year

10 reasons to be optimistic for forests

An improbable future for Nicaragua’s inter-oceanic canal

Haze-stricken Malaysia proposes drastic new firefighting measures

Haze returns to Kuala Lumpur – but not because of Indonesian fires

Abuse, displacement, pollution: the legacy of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds

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