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Audio: Conservationists find opportunity and community amidst current crises

Less than a thousand remain: New list of animals on the brink of extinction

Overlap of fire, COVID-19 peaks: A ‘catastrophe’ for Brazil’s Amazon

‘Every time an elder dies, a library is burnt’: Amazon COVID-19 toll grows

Mystery ailments, asymptomatic individuals: Spotlight on monkeypox in chimps

Audio: Why are salamanders so diverse in North America?

How coffee growers can adapt to a precipitous industry: Q&A with Dean’s Beans founder Dean Cycon

Brazil judge blocks appointment of missionary to indigenous agency

Vietnam wildlife trade ban appears to flounder amid coronavirus success

Audio: North America’s looming salamander pandemic: Is the U.S. ready?

It’s time to implement solutions that make the bushmeat trade unnecessary (commentary)

As COVID-19 pandemic deepens, global wildlife treaty faces an identity crisis

Bats: Resistant to viruses, but not to humans

Amazon indigenous leader: Our survival is at stake. You can help (commentary)

Market-based solutions cannot solely fund community-level conservation (commentary)

Get sick or go hungry? Workers face dilemma at Freeport’s Grasberg mine

The mining map: Who’s eyeing the gold on Brazil’s indigenous lands?

Plans to prevent future pandemics must consider gender issues, too (commentary)

Flooding devastates Ecuador’s indigenous communities in the Amazon

As a campaigner against deforestation, almost dying of COVID-19 was ironic (commentary)

In a Philippine indigenous stronghold, traditions keep COVID-19 at bay

Madagascar’s president promotes unproven herbal cure for COVID-19

How to prevent the next COVID-19? Conservationists weigh in

As Indonesia fights COVID-19, warmer temperatures drive up dengue cases

Rapid deforestation of Brazilian Amazon could bring next pandemic: Experts

The frog that wasn’t there: Survey shines a light on Uganda’s amphibians

Chinese ban on eating wild animals likely to become law: Q&A with WCS’s Aili Kang

Will the next coronavirus come from Amazonia? Deforestation and the risk of infectious diseases (commentary)

Gold mining threatens indigenous forests in the Brazilian Amazon

Sinking feeling for Indonesian fishers as COVID-19 hits seafood sales

Indigenous Papuans initiate own lockdowns in face of COVID-19

For Philippines’ displaced indigenous students, COVID-19 is one of many threats

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