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Shaping the next generation of Indigenous rangers: Interview with Manni Edwards

‘A harmonious human-primate society’: Interview with Whitley winner Kuenzang Dorji

Ecuador’s Indigenous Cofán show how to have your turtle and eat it too

To end turtle hunting, an African island state embraced the hunters

‘Extinct’ trees found in Tanzania sparks hope for ecosystem recovery

Traditional foods have the potential to help Kashmir communities adapt to climate change: study

In Mexico City’s precolonial canals, scientists aim to save ancient salamanders

Indonesia’s oil palm smallholders get a boost in bid for sustainability

French Polynesians revive traditional rāhui to protect fish — and livelihoods

The Wixárika community’s thirteen-year legal battle to stop mining in their sacred territory

Nepal launches new plan to boost critically endangered Bengal florican

Guardians of the sacred: Ethiopian Orthodox monks on spiritual forest conservation

New study reaffirms Indigenous lands key to mitigating climate change in Brazil

Borneo’s Dayak adapt Indigenous forestry to modern peat management

Beekeeping helps villagers tend coastal forests in Thai mangrove hotspot

Efforts to save Cambodia’s coast tread water as fish stocks plummet

Cambodian companies tied to abuses promoted by UN program, rights group alleges

Indonesian fishers mount a community-led fight against destructive fishing

Fishers left with no land, no fish, in fire sale of Cambodian coast

‘Non-market’ solutions to deforestation need more support, advocates say

Indigenous people and NGO grow a wildlife corridor in the world’s oldest rainforest

An ancestral solution ensures water for Peruvian alpaca farmers, but is it enough?

Campesinos bring life back to a deforestation hotspot in the Colombian Amazon

Uzbekistan plants a forest where a sea once lay

A fishing community celebrates its right to manage a Brazilian state park

All conservation is local: Interview with Angolan conservationist Kerllen Costa

Tracing Africa’s ‘fading biological fingerprints’ in Angola’s threatened forests

Are carbon credits another resource-for-cash grab? Interview with Alondra Cerdes Morales & Samuel Nguiffo

A forest restoration project brings birdsong back to Angola’s highest mountain

Tackling climate change in one of Colombia’s largest wetlands

An ancient Indigenous lagoon system brings water back to a dry town in Ecuador

Shade-grown coffee benefits birds, forests & people in Venezuela

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