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Jokowi’s religious mining rule divides Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization

Borneo’s Dayak adapt Indigenous forestry to modern peat management

Mysterious, at risk, understudied flat-headed cat lacks conservation focus

On a Borneo mountainside, Indigenous Dayak women hold fire and defend forest

Indonesia civil society groups raise concerns over proposed Borneo nuclear reactor

Borneo and Sumatra megaprojects are carving up clouded leopard forests

On the trail of Borneo’s bay cat, one of the world’s most mysterious felines

Previously logged forests struggle to thrive, even with restoration, study finds

UN probes controversial forest carbon agreement in Malaysian Borneo

Phantom deeds see Borneo islanders lose their land to quartz miners

Study: Indonesia’s new capital city threatens stable proboscis monkey population

Sarawak government’s hydropower plans worry Indigenous communities

Shrinking civil space and persistent logging: 2023 in review in Southeast Asia

Traditional small farmers burned by Indonesia’s war on wildfires

Red flags but no repercussions for ‘certified’ Malaysian logger Samling: Report

Forest restoration to boost biomass doesn’t have to sacrifice tree diversity

Killings of Bornean orangutans could lead to their extinction

How scientists and a community are bringing a Bornean river corridor back to life

In Borneo, the ‘Power of Mama’ fight Indonesia’s wildfires with all-woman crew

Boost for Sumatran rhino IVF plan as eggs extracted from Bornean specimen

Conservationists look to defy gloomy outlook for Borneo’s sun bears

Forest restoration can fare better with human helping hand, study shows

In Sabah, natural capital agreement surfaces again, despite critics

Elders call for Indigenous cultural preservation in new Indonesia capital

Muslim women’s group to reopen oxygen homes if Indonesia wildfires intensify

Migrating orangutan males imitate locals to learn about food: Study

On burning-prone Borneo, planners work to fireproof Indonesia’s new capital

Jokowi focuses on El Niño as Indonesia’s dry season heats up

Orangutan ‘beatboxing’ offers clues about human language, study says

Sarawak Indigenous NGO squeezed by defamation case, silenced from reporting alleged logging

‘I’m not distressed, I’m just pissed off’: Q&A with Sumatran rhino expert John Payne

Indonesia’s new capital ‘won’t sacrifice the environment’: Q&A with Nusantara’s Myrna Asnawati Safitri

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