Bangka belitung News

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Indigenous community fights to save its lands on Indonesia’s historic tin island

Study casts doubt on sustainability of regulated blood python snakeskin trade

Illegal mining fuels social conflict in Indonesian tin hub of Bangka-Belitung

In Indonesia, a ‘devious’ policy silences opposition to mining, activists say

Acquittal of Indonesian villagers protesting pollution marks rare win against SLAPP

Indonesian fishers seize dredging boat in protest against offshore tin mining

Activists take Indonesia’s mining law to court, but don’t expect much

Grim toll from Indonesia’s abandoned mines may get even worse, report warns

Indonesian fishers who fought off tin miners prepare to battle all over again

Indonesia wins $2.52 million settlement for coral damage by foreign ships

These 3 companies owe Indonesia millions of dollars for damaging the environment. Why haven’t they paid?

Indonesia’s antigraft agency strives to rein in the mining sector

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