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Deep-sea expedition reveals rare octo-nurseries off Costa Rica

‘The images are confronting’: Q&A with animal photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur

Snapshot of hatchlings raises hopes for Siamese crocs in northeast Cambodia

Giant otter thought to be extinct in Argentina resurfaces. Literally

With baby animals, patience pays: Photographer describes new book of intimate portraits

Big cat comeback: Jaguars prowl Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands after 70 years

In the Horn of Africa, conflict and illegal trade create a ‘cheetah hell’

‘We are all ecstatic’: Rescued wild pangolin gives birth to healthy pup

Captive breeding helps New Zealand’s threatened black stilts take flight

Baby humpback whales bulk up in Hawaii ahead of migration [VIDEO]

First-ever conviction for orangutan trafficking in Aceh

World Rhino Day arrives this year with a new cause for celebration

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