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Sweeping reform package threatens environmental protections in Argentina, critics say

In Brazil, conservationists try to save one of the world’s most endangered cats

Indigenous communities along Argentina’s Río Chubut mobilize to conserve waterway

Jaguar release offers a lifeline to Gran Chaco’s lonely big cats

Smallest wildcat of the Atlantic Forest faces enormous threats

Rewilding in Argentina helps giant anteaters return to south Brazil

In Argentina, scientists scramble to study seal colonies hit hard by avian flu

Spain sanctions fishing vessels for illegally ‘going dark’ near Argentine waters

Major soy producers announce improved deforestation commitments—with caveats

Cargill widens its deforestation-free goals, but critics say it’s not enough

Offshore drilling faces backlash in Argentina after skirting environmental regulations

Expanding agriculture could worsen flooding in South American plains, study says

Penguins ‘enrich our lives’: Q&A with Pablo Borboroglu, protector of penguins

A mega-highway threatens South America’s vulnerable Gran Chaco

Can the EU’s deforestation law save Argentina’s Gran Chaco from soy?

Argentines try to stop oil and gas exploration off ‘The Happy’ tourist coast

Indigenous communities in Argentina’s Chaco fear another heavy fire season in 2023

For Argentina’s ruddy-headed goose, threats grow while population shrinks

Peat on land and kelp at sea as Argentina protects tip of Tierra del Fuego

In Patagonia, a puma’s life is decided by political borders

Conservationists play matchmaker to boost Argentina’s jaguar gene pool

Tree plantations in Patagonia are the site of wildfires and land dispute

Andean eagles have managed to adapt to fragmenting habitats — for now

A helping hand for red-footed tortoises making a comeback in Argentina

China-funded dam could disrupt key Argentine glaciers and biodiversity

Indigenous group defends uncontacted relatives from cattle onslaught in the Gran Chaco

Chinese investment in Latin America plagues people and nature: Report

‘Everything is on fire’: Flames rip through Iberá National Park in Argentina

Bringing back large mammals boosts restoration of entire ecosystems: Study

Giant anteaters lead biodiversity resurgence in Argentina’s Iberá

In Argentina, sport fishers are reeling in threatened sharks to save them

Bare-faced curassows return to Argentina’s Iberá after 50-year absence

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