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Gone: a look at extinction over the past decade

Kihansi spray toad goes extinct in the wild

Scientists uncover mystery of how frog plague kills its victims

Freshwater species worse off than land or marine

South Korea’s frogs have avoided amphibian crisis so far, an interview with Pierre Fidenci

Save the frogs, save ourselves

Approximately 200 new frogs discovered in Madagascar threatened by political instability

The story of ‘Save the Frogs Day’, April 28th, An Interview with Kerry Kriger

After disease engulfs island, rare mountain chicken frogs airlifted to safety

Mexican Salamanders Used in Neurology Labs May Go Extinct in Wild

Amphibians could develop immunity against devastating fungal disease

Poison frog diversity linked to the Andes

Salamander populations collapse in Central America

12 new species of frogs discovered in India

One billion frogs harvested as food per year

Symposium tackles big question: how many species will survive our generation

What is the greatest threat to rainforests: habitat destruction or climate change?

Lack of information may slow conservation response to amphibian crisis

New hope of curing amphibian plague

Invasive ant interferes with gecko’s role in pollinating endangered plant

Scientists can’t explain cause of amphibian extinction crisis

Prioritizing amphibian species for captive breeding to save them from extinction

Yellowstone amphibians in decline due to climate change

Mass amphibian die-offs affect ecosystems

Armageddon for amphibians? Frog-killing disease jumps Panama Canal

52% of amphibians, 35% of birds at risk from climate change

More than half of Europe’s amphibians face extinction by 2050

Thought-to-be-extinct frog rediscovered in Australia

Amphibians face mass extinction

Naming rights for newly discovered ‘walking frog’ to be auctioned for conservation

New cures for human ailments under threat by global extinction crisis

No global warming link to dying frogs?

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