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Paradise lost? Brazil’s biggest bauxite mining firm denies riverine rights

Swiss pledge to stop illegal gold imports from Brazil Indigenous reserves

The Kalunga digitally map traditional lands to save Cerrado way of life

Brazil flower-gatherers win acclaim: ‘Efficient, long-lasting, resilient’

Traditional and Indigenous peoples ‘denounce’ planned Amazon railway

Historical analysis: The Amazon’s mineral wealth — curse or blessing?

Brazilians impacted by mining assert: ‘Genocide legalized by the state’

Alcoa vs. the Amazon: How the ribeirinhos won their collective land rights

Life among the turtles: Traditional people struggle inside an Amazon reserve

Traditional villages dread living in shadow of Amazon tailings dams

MRN bauxite mine leaves legacy of pollution, poverty in Brazilian Amazon

Loggers attack Brazilian environmental official in Amazon; Bolsonaro silent

Coronavirus puts Brazil’s quilombos at risk; will assistance come?

Rapid deforestation of Brazilian Amazon could bring next pandemic: Experts

First COVID-19 case among indigenous people confirmed in Brazilian Amazon

First possible COVID-19 indigenous cases detected near key Amazon reserve

Brazil drastically reduces controls over suspicious Amazon timber exports

Indigenous and riverine communities unite to fight Amazon invaders

Bolsonaro expresses ‘love’ for Amazon as it burns, offers no policy shift

Amazon indigenous groups feel deserted by Brazil’s public health service

Former Brazilian enviro ministers blast Bolsonaro environmental assaults

Stinging ants: Amazon indigenous group girds itself to hold ancestral lands

Bolsonaro draws battle lines in fight over Amazon indigenous lands

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