Articles by Santiago Sáez Moreno

I'm a Madrid-based journalist. I grew up in the South of the country, on the Atlantic coast city of Huelva. I've worked for print, online and broadcast media in Spain and the UK, and now I've decided to pursue a freelance career. I collaborate with various outlets in the fields of politics, finance, science, technology and the environment. I hold an MA in Journalism, Media and Globalization from Aarhus University and City University London. As a journalist, I find globalization fascinating, and I try to make sense of apparently isolated events to represent the bigger picture. I also love scuba diving, ice cream and making lists.

New pit viper discovered in Sumatra

Trimeresurus gunaleni was previously lumped with other pit vipers, inhabits area that may contain more species yet-unknown to science A new pit viper was discovered by researchers working in Sumatra,…