Articles by Joel Berger

Joel Berger’s fascination with biodiversity began in California. He soon traded surfing for deserts and mountains and, later, science and conservation. He’s worked with and written about endangered species in Namibia (black rhinos and mountain zebras), Chile and Argentina (huemul), and rare or endangered ones in central Asia including saiga, takin, and wild yak. He loves to explore the remote and the wild at the planet’s cold icy edges from the Arctic and subAntarctic and has written three popular books: "Horn of Darkness", "The Better to Eat You With - Fear in the Animal World", and ‘Extreme Conservation”. He is the Barbara Cox-Anthony Chair in Wildlife Conservation at Colorado State University and a Senior Scientist for the Wildlife Conservation Society. He spends as much time in mountains and canyons as possible torturing his dog named Darwin with hikes.