Articles by Ifham Nizam

I, Ifham Nizam, a fulltime journalist currently attached to The Daily Island/Sunday Island, published by the Upali Newspapers Limited (Pvt) Ltd- SriLanka one of the leading publishing establishments in Sri Lanaka. I have been working with mainstream Sri Lankan media for more than two decades as a full timer. I specialized in the print media and served as an environment, energy and science journalist. My contribution to journalism in Sri Lanka has been publicly acknowledged as I had clinched the prestigious award for the best environmental Journalist of the year (English medium), thrice. Apart from many other awards for covering a wide spectrum, energy, climate change and science. During my career, I have also covered parliament proceedings for more than 10 years, current affairs, human rights, health, sustainable development and ecotourism. I have the distinction of being a member of the team of journalists that rushed to the northern part of Sri Lanka-Jaffna when soil-tests were done on the Chemmani mass grave sites. In 2014, as the Asia Journalism Fellowship (AJF), I conducted a comparative study of Sri Lanka and Singapore on Water Management –Nanyang Technological University- Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information-Singapore. In 2007, I was selected for the International Visitor Program: Washington D.C Academic Curriculum conducted by University of Southern California And Washington D.C. California and Jackson Mississippi Participated Leadership Program.