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Tennis star responds to rainforest advocates

Roger Federer has responded to two Indonesian activists who asked the tennis star to use his influence to encourage Credit Suisse to end its relationship with a controversial logging company, reports the Bruno Manser Fund.

In a letter released Tuesday, Federer told Isnadi Esman and Woro Supartinah that he will raise the issue with Credit Suisse, the Swiss bank for which he is a brand ambassador.

“I have learnt about your letter to me, outlining the difficult rainforest situation in Riau,” Federer wrote.

“I take your concerns seriously. In response to your letter and as ambassador for Credit Suisse, I would like to emphasize that I will advocate for and have complete trust that they analyze such issues thoroughly, evaluate all options and that their decisions are well thought out,” he continued. “Additionally, I encourage you to continue the ongoing dialogue with Credit Suisse in order to minimize any sustainability issues and increase the common understanding.”

Village boundary of Bagan Melibur, Pulau Padang, Riau, in May 2014 before clearing by RGE/APRIL

Same place in October 2014 after clearcutting by RGE / APRIL. Courtesy of the Bruno Manser Fund.

Credit Suisse has been targeted by environmentalists for providing finance to Royal Golden Eagle and its subsidiaries Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) and PT. Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper. (RAPP), which are blamed for destroying endangered rainforests and peatlands in Sumatra. APRIL was recently criticized for breaking a commitment to suspend forest clearance.

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