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World’s largest tropical park may have protected status revoked

Tumucumaque National Park, a sprawling reserve that covers a Belgium-sized area of rainforest (38,874 square kilometers) in northeastern Brazil, may see its protected status revoked due to insufficient consultation with local municipalities prior to its creation, reports O’Eco.

Tumucumaque, the world’s largest tropical protected area, was created in 2002. According to a complaint filed in federal court by a former councilman from Macapá, two of the five municipalities in which the park is located were not consulted prior to Tumucumaque’s creation. The complaint is therefore calling for the annulment of the park’s protected status.

According to O’Eco, there will now be a one year period to conduct further public consultations. If these are deemed insufficient, the decree that created the park could be nullified, throwing the park’s status and fate into question.

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