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Launching the travel blog

Many of the emails I receive include questions about my travels. How did you get there? Where did you stay? How did you find a guide? What did you see?

To provide a little more context on my travels, I’ve decided to launch this blog. The style and tone will be less formal than other parts of mongabay. I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but I’ll do my best to make the entries interesting. Failing that, I’ll at least include some pictures.

Feel free to ask questions, but please bear in mind that my focus will remain on the news reporting and educational aspects of Mongabay, so I can’t promise that I’ll respond to all queries. It’s already a challenge getting through and replying to the 1,000+ emails I receive on a daily basis.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you enjoy!

Rhett Butler

Founder and President of,, and

Me in Madagascar in October 2012.

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