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Tribes to sue Peru over planned oil expansion

Indigenous groups plan to sue the government of Peru over the expansion of a oil concession they say intrudes on their native lands.

The National Association of Amazon Indians in Peru (AIDESEP), an indigenous rights group, last week declared it will sue the Peruvian government and Pluspetrol Corporation over the expansion of the Camisea block. AIDESEP says the expansion of “Block 88” for exploration and development threatens the Kugapakori-Nahua-Nanti Territorial Reserve. The group adds that the Camisea project has already impacted indigenous communities, including triggering “diarrhea and pneumonia epidemics” in 1984.

Camisea has been pumping gas to Lima in mid-2004, but remains controversial due to repeated pipeline ruptures.

Peru has allocated 84 percent of its Amazon territory for oil and gas development, according to a report released last week by RAISG.

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