Lemur Meat? No thank you, I’ll have insects

In a new Lion King-fashioned twist the people of Madagascar may begin replacing lemur meat with insects.  This could be a cost effective and nutritious step into a more environmental future for Madagascar.

  • The people of Madagascar may soon begin eating silkworm pupae.
  • This is a cost effective because silkworm pupae are a large byproduct of the silk production within Madagascar.
  • This new innovation is designed to help solve problems like helping the poor, helping to save the environment, and helping to make sure the Lemurs of Madagascar are safe!
  • “The concept is simple: generate sustainable livelihoods from silk production using native silkworms”-
  • After that the pupae can then be sold and are a great source of protein for the people!
  • Whats the result of this? Less forest is being cleared every day because its not needed for farmlands and the lemurs will be less likely to be hunted for meat.
  • Farmers can now make more money while making sure their children are well fed.
Moth larvae munching on a host plant. Photo by: Tom Corcoran.


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