Humans and tigers can live in harmony

A new study indicates that tigers and humans may be able to co-exist after all.

  • An International team of scientists have been using camera traps to examine tiger density in and around Chitwan National Park, Nepal during 2010 and 2011.
  • Apparently tiger populations “remained high despite the ubiquitous presence of people on foot or in vehicles”, a good sign for tiger conservation.
  • Habitat destruction, loss of prey, and poaching are the driving forces behind depleting tiger numbers and there are currently believed to be just 4,000 left.
  • Tigers have so-far adapted to human presence in the region by being more active at night and less during the day, avoiding times when humans are most active.
  • It is believed conservation can benefit from such knowledge, for example, restricting car traffic at night could decrease disturbance/road deaths of tigers.
  • This is a refreshing story considering the plight faced by tigers and hopefully more research like this can lead to tigers and humans existing together in harmony.

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