Lightless World’s Top Predator

Tepui, or flat-topped mountain, in Venezuela. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.

Scientist’s have recently discovered a creature considered to be the the lion of the cave!  Unexpectedly, this top predator is a Venezuelan cricket!

  • This large, meat-eating cricket was discovered on a tepui, or table-top mountain, in Venezuela.
  • These little guys are actually top predators!   They have adapted to become the ultimate hunter in pure darkness.
  • Although this new found species is yet to be officially described, it is known to hunt on both land and water.  Bugs beware – there’s nowhere you are safe!
  • The discoveries will be highlighted in BBC’s upcoming The Dark: Nature’s Nighttime World, although video of the cricket can now be seen on their website.

Want to learn more?  Read the full story: ‘The lion of the cave:’ new predatory, swimming cricket discovered in Venezuela

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