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Our top nature pictures of 2011

Red-eyed treefrog

My reporting for took me to six continents in 2011 and I was fortunate to take photos on several of the trips. Overall I added more than 10,000 new photos to the travel section of the site during the year.

Most of my pictures this year are from Indonesia, Colombia, Panama, and Peru, although there are a good number from the United States, especially California and Hawaii.

Next year promises to be another full year of travel and reporting.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from 2011. These are randomly distributed, so click on each image for further details and a larger version.

Thank you for reading in 2011 and I wish you the best for 2012!

Giant kapok (‘Big Tree’) in Panama’s rainforest


Forest leaves in Ashland

Anole lizard shadow on a leaf

Beach vegetation in Hana

Asian Vine Snake (Ahaetulla prasina)

Amazon rainforest from above

Emerald eyes frog (Hypsiboas crepitans)

Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda)

Green iguana (Iguana iguana)

Andean cock-of-the-rock

Tigerleg monkey tree frog (Phyllomedusa tomopterna)

Forest in Crater Lake National Park

Canopy of a bamboo forest

Multicolored beetle

Rainforest valley in the upper Amazon

Forest dragon in West Kalimantan

Borneo rainforest

Pacific green sea turtle

Varadero morph of Ranitomeya imitator

Male iguanas fighting

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