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Featured video: camera traps catch Andean cats and others in Argentina

Camera traps set up in the Jujuy Province of Argentina have captured rare images of the elusive and playful Andean cat and Pampas cat, along with other South American wildlife, including vizcachas, culpeo foxes, and skunks. Before 1998, there were only two photos of a wild Andean cats, today conservation attention along with camera traps have provided many more.

Listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List, the Andean cat is imperiled by hunting, habitat loss, and the decline in prey. The Pampas cat faces similar threats, aside from hunting, and is listed as Near Threatened.

Field researchers set up the camera traps with support from the of the Soul of the Andes project, and the Andean Cat Alliance.

To read more about the Andean cat: ‘Snow leopard’ of the Andes is one of the world’s most endangered cats: An interview with Mauro Lucherini of the Andean Cat Alliance.

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