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Picture: Fluorescent lizardfish, glowing reefs in Fiji

Fluorescent lizardfish in Fiji
Blue light shows off the flourescence of this lizardfish on Toyota reef, Fiji. Photo © Keith Ellenbogen

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and other partners are currently exploring a remote coral reef off Fiji’s Totoya Island.

Accompanying the organizations is Roko Sau (Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba), the current high chief of Totoya Island who will this week declare the reef off-limits to fishing in recognition of World Ocean’s Day on June 8. In so doing, Roko Sau hopes to ensure there are fish for future generations.

To promote awareness of the expedition and World Ocean’s Day, WCS released a series of pictures from the reef.

Flouescent mushroom coral. Photo © Keith Ellenbogen

Totoya Glowing Reefscape. Photo © Tali Treibitz

Tali Treibitz with flourescence camera. Photo © Keith Ellenbogen

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