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Pictures: Indonesian New Guinea

Indonesian New Guinea is one of the planet’s last frontiers: rugged mountains and rainforests conceal untold numbers of species and hundreds of cultures. But these forests—especially in the province of West Papua—are increasingly under threat from logging, mining, and conversion to plantations. The cultural heritage of the region is also at risk due to programs designed to encourage migration from other parts of the archipelago and placate restive native Papuan populations with special autonomy payments.

The following are some pictures from my July-August 2010 visit to the provinces of Papua (Wamena and Jayapura/Lake Sentani) and West Papua (Manokwari/Arfak Mountains).

The visit to the Arfak Mountains would not have been possible without logistical help from Charles Roring, who organizes trips with the support of local communities.

Blue weevil (Eupholus bennetti) near Manokwari.

Dani elder in traditional costume

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) near Manokwari.

Arfak Mountains.

Lake Sentani art.

Dani man

Rope bridge near Wamena

Multicolored katydid

Dani warrior

Red katydid with a green head and black antennae

Armed clansmen in New Guinea

Black, turquoise, yellow, orange, brown, and pink grasshopper

Metallic blue, green, and orange beetle

Vogelkop Bowerbird bower with red fruit and other items to attract females

Dani woman with a cassowary headdress

Eupholus bennetti weevil

Dani man

Black and deep orange butterfly

New Guinea rainforest

Traditional Mouley hut in the Arfak highlands outside of Manokrawi

Dani man

Rainforest in the Arfak Mountains

Aerial view of a Winding lowland rainforest river reaching the coast of New Guinea

Coral reef and forest off the northern coast of New Guinea

Group in Dani in a highland village

Islands off Bird’s Head, northern New Guinea

Brown frog with neon green and blue markings

Papuan man in Wamena

Blue, yellow and orange grasshopper (male) mating with a green and turquoise grasshopper (female)


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