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Prince Charles calls for massive rainforest protection project in Africa

Prince Charles announced plans to protect an area of African rainforest the size of Wales, reports The Telegraph.

The “Size of Wales” project, which would include protecting forest areas and replanting deforested ones across African countries, would be funded through public donations. Other details weren’t immediately available.

“Two million hectares – or more usefully – 2 million rugby pitches will be a significant achievement and importantly, will show great leadership to other nations to do the same,” the Prince of Wales was quoted as saying.

“The people of Wales will be the first in the world to mobilize such a national response to the problem of tropical deforestation and climate change. It will be civil society itself – taking positive action to make a real difference.”

The Prince’s Rainforest Project was established in 2007 to push for the development of a funding mechanism for the world’s tropical forests. The initiative claimed success last year with the commitment of several billion dollars from rich countries toward preservation efforts.

Deforestation is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, generating more emissions than all the world’s planes, cars, trucks, ships, and trains combined. Forest loss is also a leading threat to the planet’s flora and fauna.

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