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Mars to use only sustainably-sourced fish in pet food by 2020

Mars, Inc. announced Thursday it will use only sustainably-sourced fish in its pet products, including PEDIGREE®, SHEBA® and WHISKAS® branded products, by 2020.

The company will rely on the Marine Stewardship Council’s certification scheme to ensure that its petcare products contain only fish from sustainable wild catch and sustainable aquaculture sources. Mars also says it will use only “sustainable alternatives” when replacing marine fish ingredients.

The company claims it is the first pet food maker to commit to sustainable fish.

“We are now the first pet company to make a commitment to sustainable fish, and we hope that will act as a catalyst for the whole industry,” said Mark Johnson, Mars Petcare UK general manager.

Mars will begin rolling out MSC-certified products for SHEBA® and WHISKAS® brands this year in Europe.

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