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Reforestation effort would lower Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent

A study by Britain’s Forestry Commission found that planting 23,000 hectares of forest every year for the next 40 years would lower the island nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent, according to reporting by the BBC.

The tree-planting effort would also raise Britain’s total amount of forest cover from 12 percent to 16 percent by 2050, provide habitat for wildlife, and add new flood protections to increasingly vulnerable areas. In the past century, Britain has already raised its amount of forest cover by 7 percent.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said that the government planned to work with communities to make the study happen.

A local conservation group, Woodland Trust, told the BBC that they believe the government should go even further. The organization would like to see forest land in Britain doubled.

It is estimated forests once covered 80 percent of Britain, however over half of the forests were gone by the end of Roman times.

The Times reports that the study is likely the first of its kind in the world. With nations across the world seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions, it’s unlikely this will be the last.

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Reforestation: Challenges and Opportunities

(11/23/2009) Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is a timeless issue that has been propounded into the public knowledge sphere since I was a child. Always eager to learn the actuality of environmental propaganda, I have been tracking reforestation practices since 2001. I first ground-truthed the realities of sustainable development in Costa Rica the summer after my freshman year at Vassar. We visited various national parks throughout the country and had the opportunity to conduct interviews with locals surrounding Monteverde on the impacts of ecotourism. This program was conducted through the School for Field Studies. My impressions were of surprise and delight at how eco-conscious Ticos appeared to be.

Global campaign has planted 7 billion trees

(09/23/2009) The campaign to plant seven billion trees has achieved its goal, the United Nations announced Tuesday. 7.3 billion trees have been planted in 167 countries since the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched the initiative in 2006. The effort aimed to sequester vast amounts of carbon from the atmosphere while generating benefits for human populations and wildlife.

Trees sprout across farmland worldwide

(08/26/2009) Half the planet’s farmed landscapes have significant tree cover, reports a new satellite-based study. The research, conducted by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research’s World Agroforestry Centre found that tree cover exceeds 10 percent on more than 1 billion hectares of farmland, indicating that agroforestry is a “vital part” of worldwide agricultural production. 320 million hectares of forested agricultural land are found in Latin America, 190 million hectares in sub-Saharan Africa and 130 million hectares in Southeast Asia.

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