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108 river basins in Indonesia need rehabiltiation

The number of river basins in need rehabilitation in Indonesia climbed from 60 to 108 over the past year says the Ministry of Forestry.

Deforestation and poor land management have degraded river basin areas, leading to erosion and sedimentation, affecting water availability, and putting dams at risk. Rehabilitating the basins will cost hundreds of millions to billion of dollars.

According to the Jakarta Post, river basin areas in need of rehabilitation include Peusangan, Jambu Aye, Peureulak Tamiang in Aceh; Citarum, Ciliwung and Cisadane in West Java, Jakarta and Banten; Solo and Serayu in Central Java and Yogyakarta; and Remu, Arui and Prafi in West Papua.

In March, the collapse of Situ Gintung dam near Jakarta killed at least 77 people.

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