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10 years of mongabay

Today marks the 10th birthday of

Originally launched as an online version of a manuscript about tropical rainforests (A Place Out of Time), the site has grown over the years to encompass a wide range of topics. Along the way I’ve met some remarkable people, experienced some incredible adventures, and visited some unforgettable places.

The site has also grown in other ways — this month mongabay added its first employee besides myself: writer Jeremy Hance.

The origin of mongabay

Rio Napo in Peru, down-river from the oil spill in Ecuador.

A history of mongabay

The seeds for mongabay were sewn by two places: the Ecuadorean Amazon and Malaysian Borneo. While I was blessed with the good fortune to travel to many places starting from a young age (thanks to a travel agent mother and a father who racked up a lot of airline miles), these two places left a lasting impression, not because of the time I spent in their majestic forests but because the fate that befell them after I departed. In the case of the Ecuadorean Amazon, it was an oil spill; in the case of Sabah (Malaysia), it was logging. Both broke my heart.

The following, which serves as the preface of A Place Out of Time and was written in 1999, details my experience in Borneo.

I hope this description provides some background on my motivation to launch mongabay. It’s been a long, but interesting journey, and I’m looking forward to the next ten years of running mongabay.

Press highlights

Other background

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