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Ebay bidders to decide new shrimp’s name

A new way to raise conservation funds has captured attention worldwide. The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has auctioned the naming rights of a newly discovered species of shrimp on Ebay.

“The shrimp is in the group or genus of shrimps known as Lebbeus, but is awaiting the addition of a unique species name,” said Anna McCallum, a Melbourne scientist who discovered the new species in deep waters off the Southwest coast of Australia.

AMCS describes the new shrimp, which was found 400 meters below the surface, as having a “jewel-like appearance”

This unique-looking shrimp awaits a name. Photo courtesy of Australian Marine Conservation Society.

McCallum concurs, adding that the species is quite unique in appearance. “Morphing from yellow to green, this species is covered in scarlet spots and sports a toothed crest across the top of its body, which gives it the appearance of having a mohawk.”

When the auction ends on April 1st at 9 AM (Australian Eastern Daylight Standard Time) the shrimp will have a new name chosen by the highest bidder. Monies from the auction will go directly to a new campaign by AMCS to protect southwest marine waters in a system of national parks. Over 80 percent of the species off Australia’s southwest coast are found no where else in the world.

Name a new species of shrimp from south-west Australia.

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