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U.S. flooding to continue well into spring

U.S. flooding a sign of things to come

U.S. Flooding to continue well into spring
March 21, 2008

Flooding in the American Midwest is likely to continue, said the U.S. National Weather Service.

Flood risk in the United States as of March 14, 2008. Red represents above average risk while brown shows below average risk. Courtesy of NOAA.>Video capture of a giant sea spider.

“Major floods striking America’s heartland this week offer a preview of the spring seasonal outlook,” said the weather service in a statement. “Several factors will contribute to above-average flood conditions, including record rainfall in some states and snow packs, which are melting and causing rivers and streams to crest over their banks.”

“We expect rains and melting snow to bring more flooding this spring,” said Vickie Nadolski, deputy director of NOAA’s National Weather Service. “Americans should be on high alert to flood conditions in your communities.”

This week, more than 250 communities in a dozen states are experiencing flood conditions, according to the agency. At least 16 people have been killed and two are missing due to flooding this week.

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