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Leading tropical forest site launches in Spanish

Leading rainforest information site launches in Spanish

Leading tropical forest site launches in Spanish
February 19, 2008, a leading forest conservation and environmental science news web site, today announced the availability of rainforest information and environmental science news in Spanish at The announcement comes as expands into several non-English languages, including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, and Japanese.

“I’m very pleased to offer content in Spanish,” said mongabay founder Rhett A. Butler. “The bulk of the world’s remaining rainforest cover exists in Latin American countries so it is important that this information is available in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. aims to raise interest in and awareness of tropical forests, indigenous people, and wildlife.”

The Brazilian Portuguese site will officially launch in March 2008. A children’s version of the rainforest site is presently available in Portuguese and two dozen other languages at

The new Spanish site offers weekly updates of conservation and environmental science news at, tropical rainforest information at, and resources for children at, a novel initiative by, will be an instrumental site in the dissemination of information about conservation of tropical forests to scientists, students, other professionals and the public at large in Spanish-speaking Latin America. The site will also be an important source of information for local government agencies and administrators of natural resources and for NGOs in the countries in this region,” said Alejandro Estrada, a tropical scientist from Mexico. “Importantly, will bring up to date and will keep people of Latin America informed on issues related to conservation of their tropical rain forests, something that will promote their conservation.” is the Web’s most popular destination for information on tropical rainforests with more than one million unique visitors per month, according to comScore. The site is highly regarding by some world’s leading conservationists.

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