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New flycatcher bird species discovered in Peru

New flycatcher bird species discovered in Peru

New flycatcher bird species discovered in Peru
August 13, 2007

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown species of bird in dense bamboo thickets in the Peruvian Amazon.

Writing in the journal The Auk, authors led by Daniel F. Lane of the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science describe the new species of twistwing (Cnipodectes superrufus).

The scientists say the brownish-red colored bird (with colors of various body parts ranging from “mahogany red”, “auburn”, “burnt sienna”, “Sanford’s Brown”, “chestnut brown”, “Argus brown”, “Xanthine orange”, “Prout’s brown”, “Vinaceous-Fawn” and “raw umber” among other shades of brown) remained unknown until the present due to its poorly known, and largely inaccessible habitat: thickets of thorny bamboo (Guadua weberbaueri) in southeastern Peru. The researchers not that while the species was only recently discovered, it may prove to be a common species with “immense blocks of Guadua-dominated terra firme forest in southwestern Amazonian Brazil, southeastern Peru, and northwestern-most Bolivia.” Further, some of the birds were spotted within the Manu Biosphere Zone, a large protected area.

Image published in The Auk

“Presumably, there is a healthy population within this protected zone,” write the authors.

Relatively little is known about the species. It apparently eats small arthropods (mostly insects) and has a call similar to that of the Sulfur-bellied Tyrant-Manakin (Neopelma sulphureiventer).

While C. superrufus was only just now described, the “type specimen” was first captured on February 22, 1990. The specimen was deposited at the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de la Universidad San Marcos and remaind unstudied until 2002. Subsequent trips to its native habitat turned up recordings and more specimen.

Daniel F. Lane, Grace P. Servat, Thomas Valqui H.A, and Frank R. Lambert (2007). A DISTINCTIVE NEW SPECIES OF TYRANT FLYCATCHER (PASSERIFORMES: TYRANNIDAE: CNIPODECTES) FROM SOUTHEASTERN PERU. THE AUK Volume 124, Issue 3 (July 2007)

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