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46 arrested for illegal Amazon logging

46 arrested for illegal Amazon logging

46 arrested for illegal Amazon logging
August 11, 2006

The Associated Press reports that 46 people, including 16 agents of the federal environmental protection agency, were arrested for allegedly operating illegal logging operations in the Amazon rainforest and southern Brazil.

The Brazilian environment ministry said the group sold 32 million cubic feet of illegally logged tropical hardwoods, worth an estimated $25 million. The accused agents reportedly sold illegal logging permits.

Police said it was the second largest operation to crack down on illegal logging this year. In June 74 people were arrested.

In Brazil, landowners are required to leave 80 percent of forested areas standing but often ignore the regulations. Loggers also skirt laws that require them to file land management plans before logging.


Amazon to be logged sustainably says Brazil
Last week Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva announced a plan to allow sustainable logging across 3 percent of the Amazon rain forest. The law is aimed at undermining destructive illegal logging activities—currently responsible for most of the commercial timber extraction in the region—while generating revenue for forest management and protection, and income for rural Brazilians in the region who often must rely on subsistence agriculture or employment on ranches and plantations under sometimes slave-like conditions.

Brazil closes down illegal timber operation, seizes wood
Brazilian environmental authorities closed down an illegal logging operation in the Amazon according to a report from the Associated Press. An agent with Ipaam, the environmental authority of Amazonas state, told Michael Astor of the Associated Press that the Norte Wood logging company was operating without a license in town of Novo Aripuana. The agency made one arrest and seized 500 cubic meters (17,655 cubic feet) of wood in the raid.

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