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Climbing and yoga firm to use renewable energy

Climbing and yoga firm to use renewable energy

Climbing and yoga firm to use renewable energy
3Phases Energy Press Release
September 6, 2005


Vista, CA. – In a move that underscores the company’s commitment to being
part of the solution, prAna announces the prAna Natural Power Initiative, which will
provide renewable wind energy to 100 of its retailers across the nation.

Electricity production is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute
to global climate change. PrAna is making strides toward working against climate change
by making a 3,000,000 kilowatt hour commitment of renewable energy in the form of wind

PrAna’s wind power initiative will prevent the release of 3,657,000 pounds of carbon
dioxide (CO2), a leading global warming gas. This has the impact of planting 494 acres of
trees or removing 319 average passenger vehicles from U.S. roadways each year.

“PrAna is synonymous with breath. Investing in wind as a natural source of power is a
perfect fit for us,” said Beaver Theodosakis, founder and owner of prAna.

PrAna will launch its Initiative this fall starting with 100 of its retailers, with the
intention of bringing on board all prAna dealers.

“This is one of the most effective ways to begin the conversation with our customers
directly about the things that matter the most,” Theodosakis said. “Each store will be
given a signage (including stickers) noting that 100-percent of that stores electricity
will be offset by a natural, clean renewable source.”

The prAna Natural Power Initiative will offset energy with the purchase of Green-e
certified tradable renewable energy certificates (RECs), supplied by 3 Phases Energy (, a Green-e certified renewable energy provider. 3 Phases is committed to
practical idealism. Through partnerships with innovative companies like prAna, 3 Phases
is finding, developing, and bringing to market a suite of environmentally respectful
renewable energy solutions and services.

Additionally, prAna’s commitment will invest in the future of wind power, ensuring the
formation of new wind farms and bolstering existing farms to create a wider base for
future wind power production.

RECs represent the environmental benefits of clean energy production that serve to take
the place of other non-renewable sources from the regional and national electric grid.
Wind power is a clean and renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas
emissions or waste products. This energy will be integrated directly into the regional
and national electric grid, thereby reducing the emissions from one of the planet’s
largest pollutants, electrical energy generation.

Conventional power plants within the United States are responsible for roughly:

The outdoor industry has seen an unprecedented awareness to sustainable business
practices and conservation in the past year. At prAna, we’ve listened to many retailers
inquire about how to make their businesses run cleaner, with less of an impact on the
earth and its resources. Wind power is one way that all of our businesses can create
positive and sustainable change.

PrAna hopes that with the Natural Power Initiative, more businesses within the outdoor
market and beyond will view wind power and renewable energy sources as a vital way to
make a contribution toward sustainable business practices.

Together, we can make a difference.

PrAna will also be offsetting 100-percent of the electrical energy use of its Vista,
Calif., headquarters and the homes of all of its full-time employees beginning in fall,

About PrAna

PrAna is a true lifestyle brand with deep roots in climbing and yoga. Grounded with ideas
of sustainability and right action, it is the hope of prAna founders to use the brand as
a vehicle for positive change.

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About 3 Phases Energy

In operation since 1994, 3 Phases Energy is committed to promoting and implementing
renewable energy options for businesses, utilities, governments, and institutions through
Green Direct Access, green pricing support services for utilities, retail and wholesale
sales of Green Certificates, and onsite efficiency and solar photovoltaic installation.

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Kristin Carpenter

This is a press release from 3Phases Energy

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