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Madagascar travel forum and discussion board launched at

Madagascar travel forum and discussion board launched at

Madagascar travel forum and discussion board launched at
Press Release
April 28, 2005, a leading information site on Madagascar, today launched a beta version of a travel forum on Madagascar. The forum will serve as a place where people can discuss travel in Madagascar and the surrounding region.

Baobab tree in Madagascar

“The forum will be a great place for people to share their Madagascar travel
experiences,” says Dylan Lossie, a moderator in the forum. “I think it will also be a great
resource for people planning their first trip to this remarkble

Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, has some of the best wildlife on the planet. Isolated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of southern Africa, about 70% of the estimated 250,000 species found on the island exist nowhere else on the globe. The island is home to such evolutionary oddities as lemurs, a group of primates endemic to the island; brilliantly colored lizards including geckos and chameleons; tenrecs, spiny hedgehog-like creatures; and the fossa, a carnivorous animal that looks like a cross between a puma and a dog but is closely related to the mongoose. This assemblage of peculiar and unique animals has made Madagascar the setting for a new film to be released by Dreamworks in May 2005.

The film is expected to increase Madagascar’s attractiveness as a travel destination. In addition to its incredible wildlife, the island also has an unusual history, fascinating cultural traditions, and spectacular landscapes including bizarre limestone rock formations known as tsingy, rain forests, and coral reefs.

Place to share pictures, experiences; Ask questions

“As more people become interested in visiting Madagascar it will be important for them to have a place where they can discuss travel in the country,” says Rhett A. Butler, founder of “This forum will enable registered users to share pictures and experiences from their travel and ask questions of other Madagascar travelers.”

Beyond the forum, the site has a wealth of information on the country including descriptions of parks and wildlife. also has thousands of photos including some from renowned Wildlife Conservation Society photographer, Julie Larsen Maher.

Registration for the forum is free.


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