Birds of the Masai Mara - book review

By: Gabriel Thoumi, CFA
January 23, 2013

by Adam Scott Kennedy, is the first dedicated bird book to the Masai Mara region. This handy guidebook, covering over 200 species of birds, on purpose avoids any unnecessary ornithological techno-jargon while presenting the region’s birds using high-quality photographs followed by short text. Building upon the recently published , the format of this guidebook is user-friendly and filled with entertaining stories.

Birds of the Masai Mara categorizes birds by their habitats. There specific sections on birds who dwell in the plains; marsh and water; woodland, scrub, and garden; acacia scrub; village; forest; “up in the air”; and “nightbirds”. This organizing convention allows the reader to use the guidebook while they are visiting the region, with quick reference guides for each habitat. Furthermore, WildGuides provides a printer-friendly checklist for birders who wish to mark-up their checklist and count the birds they see on while in the Masai Mara region.

The photography in the guidebook is excellent while some of the formatting of the pictures could be improved by emphasizing foreground and background contrast. This would support easier identification.

Adam Scott Kennedy, in the Birds of the Masai Mara, shares some entertaining tidbits on various birds such as the Red-billed oxpecker, Von Der Decken’s Hornbill, and other species that will certainly be conversation fodder while trekking through the region.

The Birds of the Masai Mara is easily used by both the casual birder and safari tourist and the professional ornithologist.

How to order:

Birds of the Masai Mara
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Authors: Adam Scott Kennedy
ISBN: 978-0691155944

Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, LEED AP, is a natural resource scientist and financial consultant.

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By: Gabriel Thoumi, CFA (January 23, 2013).

Birds of the Masai Mara - book review.