Featured video: Arctic ice melt creates mass walrus 'haul-outs'

Jeremy Hance
October 06, 2011

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The disintegration of the Arctic sea ice, which hit the second lowest record this year, is forcing a number of Arctic animals to change their behavior. The footage below is of thousands of walrus hauling out of the water onto shore land to rest. In years past, these walruses would've spent this time foraging in the sea and resting on sea ice, but lacking sea ice they are forced onto thin strands of shore line.

Biologists are studying these change in order to understand how the loss of sea ice may impact walruses over the long-term.

Sea ice is shrinking due to rising temperatures in the Arctic from global climate change.

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Jeremy Hance
mongabay.com (October 06, 2011).

Featured video: Arctic ice melt creates mass walrus 'haul-outs' .