Featured video: Sumatran species spring to life on video camera traps

Jeremy Hance
September 21, 2011

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New video camera trap footage has revealed the stunning and often hidden biodiversity of Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem, the only place in the world inhabited by elephants, orangutan, tigers, and rhinos. The video camera trap project, dubbed Eyes on Leuser, has captured 26 species to date using 10 video cameras, including astounding footage of a sniffing Sumatran tiger, a great argus pheasant displaying for the camera, a springing sambar, and an emerald dove chasing away a mouse deer.

Despite its ecological importance, the Leuser ecosystem is imperiled by logging (both legal and illegal), road building, palm oil plantations, poaching, and corruption. Deforestation is a rampant issue in Indonesia, imperiling biodiversity and ecosystem services such as clean water and carbon sequestration.

The project is an initiative of Marten Slothouwer and the Leuser Ecosystem Management Authority.

To read more about project: Eyes on Leuser blog.

Jeremy Hance
mongabay.com (September 21, 2011).

Featured video: Sumatran species spring to life on video camera traps .