Environment at rock-bottom of concerns for American voters
Jeremy Hance, mongabay.com
September 26, 2008

In a poll conducted by Gallup asking voters to state their top two reasons for choosing a candidate, one percent said the environment or climate change. The environment was tied with education for being the least given reason.

Twenty-one percent of voters stated a desire for change, making it the number one reason for choosing a candidate. Experience came in second with 12 percent. The economy garnered 11 percent and the war in Iraq six percent. Concerns about the energy crisis were voiced by two percent of the voters.

When organized by candidate, two percent of Barack Obama supporters said the environment or climate change was one of the reasons they would support the Democrat in November. No supporters of John McCain gave that answer.

The poll was conducted between September 8-11, just a week after Hurricane Gustav tested New Orleans’ levee system. It surveyed 944 adults.

Jeremy Hance, mongabay.com (September 26, 2008).

Environment at rock-bottom of concerns for American voters.