Jumbo squid invasion in California
June 6, 2007

Thousands of Jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) squid are appearing off the coast of Southern California, according to published reports.

Ventura County fishermen have caught hundreds of squid in recent days, according to the Associated Press.

The cephalopods, which can measure 6-feet long and weigh 100 pounds (40 kg) (though usually smaller), appear periodically in California waters. The species, also known as the Humboldt squid, is commonly found from Peru to Baja California but seems to be expanding its range according to researchers tracking the beasts. Hundreds washed up on San Diego and Orange county beaches in 2002 and 2005, a sign that the species may be on their way to becoming year-around residents according to the Los Angeles Times. No one is sure what causes Jumbo squid to end up on beaches

Jumbo squid are usually found at depths of 200-700 meters (600 to 2300 feet) where they are a favorite prey of sperm whales. They are also increasingly eaten by humans.

This spring, scientists from Stanford University and Texas A&M University-Galveston reported for the first time the behavior of jumbo squid in the wild. They found that jumbo squid are active divers.


Giant squid use bioluminescence to hunt prey, communicate
(2/23/2007) The giant squid uses bioluminescence to hunt its prey, according to new deap-sea observations using a high definition underwater video camera system. The findings are published in the online edition of the roceedings of the Royal Society B.

Photos of world's largest squid
(2/22/2007) Fishermen in New Zealand may have captured the largest Colossal squid ever recorded. It may be the first time a Colossal squid has ever been seen alive. The beast, weighing 450 kilograms (990 pounds), was eating a Patagonian toothfish (Chilean sea bass) hooked by fishermen when it was captured in the deep, frigid waters in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. The squid was reported to be 10 meters (33 feet) in length and took more than two hours to land.


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Jumbo squid invasion in California.