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Indonesia targets pulpwood, palm oil firms in civil suits over 2019 fires

Report identifies tycoons controlling site of new Indonesian capital

FSC complaint filed against pulpwood firms tied to Indonesia’s richest man

Our fires weren’t as bad as in the Amazon, Indonesian officials claim

Paper and fast fashion fan the flames burning Indonesia’s peat: Report

Indonesian enforcement questioned as fires flare up on the same concessions

‘Dangerous’ new regulation puts Indonesia’s carbon-rich peatlands at risk

Indonesian ban on clearing new swaths of forest to be made permanent

Peat protection rule may be a double-edged sword for Indonesia’s forests

Indonesia forest assessment casts an optimistic light on a complex issue

Facing resource crisis, Indonesia charts a ‘green development’ course

Indonesia enlists plantation companies to ensure haze-free Asian Games

Indonesia land swap, meant to protect peatlands, risks wider deforestation, NGOs say

Five years after zero-deforestation vow, little sign of progress from Indonesian pulp giant

Indonesian palm, pulp companies commit to peatland restoration

Indonesian villages see virtually zero progress in program to manage peatlands

Paper giant RAPP bows to peat-protection order after Indonesia court defeat

Indonesian Supreme Court strikes down regulation on peat protection

RAPP to retire some plantation land in Sumatra amid government pressure

These 3 companies owe Indonesia millions of dollars for damaging the environment. Why haven’t they paid?

Land-swap rule among Indonesian President Jokowi’s latest peat reforms

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