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Environmental agents intensify strike amid record fires in Brazil

Mineral hotspots in the Pan Amazon

Pantanal’s intense blazes stoke fears of another destructive fire season

Fire bans not effective as the Amazon and Pantanal burn, study says

Living under the apartheid of Brazil’s soybean capital

French court greenlights lawsuit against EDF over wind farm in Mexico

Reintroduction project brings golden parakeets back to the skies of Brazil’s Belém

Venezuela: Water crisis looms as deforestation spreads in Yacambú National Park

Warao refugees in the Brazilian Amazon face famine, disease & despair

As wind, solar farms expand in Brazil, space for traditional communities shrinks

Indigenous Wai Wai seek markets for Brazil nuts without middlemen

U.K. court to hear lawsuit for victims of Brazilian dam disaster

The most prominent mining companies in the Pan Amazon – a review

‘Water grabs’ pose big threat to farmers amid water crises

How agroecological cacao can save an endangered lion tamarin in southern Bahia

Peru puts endemic fog oasis under protection

Revealed: Illegal cattle boom in Arariboia territory in deadliest year for Indigenous Guajajara

Photos: Exploring Mexico City’s Aztec-era farms, the chinampas

Indigenous people in the Amazon are helping to build bridges & save primates

Experts aim to protect one of Brazil’s giant emblematic tree species

Fraud and corruption drive illegal wildlife trade in the Amazon

Brazil’s BR-319 Highway: The latest maneuver to obtain approval for an environmental disaster (commentary)

Deforestation in Earth’s largest rainforest continues to plummet despite a rise in fires

Large birds can boost forest carbon storage — if deforestation doesn’t interfere

In Peru’s Madre de Dios, deforestation from mining brings huge economic losses

The harsh, dangerous gig of seizing thousands of illegal cattle in the Amazon

In Brazil, conservationists try to save one of the world’s most endangered cats

Brazilian Amazon ‘cattle laundering’ taints JBS & Frigol supply chains: Report

Solutions to avoid loss of environmental, social and governance investment

Ancient farming system and campesino livelihoods at risk in Mexico City

Weak banking regulations leave two-thirds of Amazon vulnerable to oil and gas

Verra suspends carbon credit projects following police raid in Brazil

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