Cop21 News

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2°C warming limit? More like 3°C and hotter, leading climate scientists say

Ending Amazon deforestation a top priority on Colombian minister’s D.C. visit

What’s at stake after Chile cancels its hosting of COP25?

COP24: US, Russia, Saudis downplay IPCC report in display of disunity

COP23: Trump, U.S. govt. seen as irrelevant to global climate action

World Bank loans support high-carbon development in Indonesia: report

French bank backs out of financing Indonesian coal plant

Pledging to reduce emissions while expanding its power grid, Indonesia walks a fine line

World Bank money is helping to finance Asia’s coal boom: report

Naomi Oreskes on climate change: “We’ve blown it… but pessimism is not acceptable”

APP to work with 500 villages to combat deforestation

Here Are The Top 15 Environmental Stories of 2015

Indigenous leaders at COP21: 20 percent of tropical forest carbon is sitting on Indigenous land

Indonesia pledges to cut emissions 29 percent by 2030

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