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Candid Animal Cam YouTube show Episode 4: Coatis


  • Every Tuesday, Mongabay brings you a new episode of Candid Animal Cam, our new show featuring animals caught on camera traps around the world and hosted by Romi Castagnino, our writer and conservation scientist.

Camera traps bring you closer to the secretive natural world and are an important conservation tool to study wildlife. This week we’re meeting an animal that is part of the raccoon family: the South American coati.

What is a coati? Candid Animal Cam discovers these raccoon relatives in South America

The South American coati (Nasua nasua) is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of South America.  They can even be found in high altitudes of up to 2500m above sea level. Apart from its long snout that they use to search for food inside crevices and under leaves, the other characteristic that makes this animal unique is its long tail which is black-brown and has yellow rings. Watch the video to learn more about this species!

Special thanks to the San Miguelito Jaguar Conservation Ranch and WWF-Peru for sharing this footage with us.

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Romi Castagnino is Mongabay’s bilingual writer. Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @romi_Castagnino

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