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In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, February 9, 2018

  • There are many important conservation and environmental stories Mongabay isn’t able to cover.
  • Here’s a digest of some of the significant developments from the week.
  • If you think we’ve missed something, feel free to add it in the comments.

Tropical forests

More dry forests falling to deforestation than climate change in Ecuador: new study (Technical University of Munich/EurekAlert).

NGOs call on pulp and paper producers in Asia to do more to protect forests (Eco-Business).

Recent deaths highlight the dangers to environmental activists in Cambodia (Thomson Reuters Foundation News).

Asian palm oil companies push back against proposed restrictions in the EU (Nikkei Asian Review).

Hershey pledges to cut deforestation from cocoa supply chain (Food & Wine).

Bridgestone will go 100 percent sustainable by 2050 (businessGreen, Rubber & Plastics News).

Splintering forest in Borneo could hinder its carbon absorption (Forest News).

What is Amazon doing to protect the Amazon rainforest? (Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

Malaysian environmental activists sue in Canadian court for company records related to the timber industry (The Star).

Investigators make arrests in murder of Cambodian activists, including a police chief (Khmer Times).

Other news

Rebounding lions in Zimbabwe hampered by low genetic diversity (PLoS/EurekAlert).

Tiny plastic threatens ocean’s largest residents (BBC News, The Guardian).

List of mammal species growing faster than thought (Oxford University Press/Phys.Org).

Proportion of “alien” species rises to 16 percent of all known species (University College London/Phys.Org).

Air pollution in Bangkok reaches hazardous levels (Reuters).

EU votes to increase price for emissions of carbon (Reuters).

Greenpeace tries to stop drilling in the Norwegian Arctic with new appeal (Reuters).

Fewer monarch butterflies spending their winters in California (Reuters).

U.S. EPA chief: We could benefit from climate change (The Guardian).

Sea turtle nest mates may have different fathers (Florida Atlantic University/EurekAlert).

Ozone layer still withering, new study finds (ETH Zurich/EurekAlert).

Study probes largely unregulated trade in reef fish for food in Hong Kong (University of Hong Kong/EurekAlert).

The fight over teaching climate change in Idaho’s schools continues (The New York Times).

Climate skeptic pulled from consideration as environmental adviser to Trump (The New York Times).

Saudi Arabia exports more oil than any other country — and now it’s building up its domestic renewable energy (Yale e360).

Tattoo artist specializes in endangered species ink (The Revelator).

New study unearths loads of mercury in Alaska’s permafrost (AGU).

Extinguishing Cambodia’s free press (Al Jazeera).

Nearly 200 environmental activists killed in 2017, Global Witness says (The Guardian).

EU says trade deals only possible with countries that have signed on to the Paris climate accord (ThinkProgress).

Video: Plastic plagues the Arctic (BBC News).

Snakes shape their ecosystem by spreading seeds around (Cornell University/Phys.Org).

New study looking back 5,000 years predicts that climate change will alter East African savannas more quickly than previously thought (University of York/EurekAlert).

Banner image of live reef fish sold at Hong Kong restaurants by Professor Yvonne Sadovy of the University of Hong Kong.

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