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Audio: An in-depth look at Mongabay’s collaboration with The Intercept Brasil

On the latest episode of the Mongabay Newscast, we welcome journalist Sue Branford, a regular contributor to Mongabay who has been reporting from Brazil since 1979 when she was with the Financial Times and then the BBC.

Branford is one of the writers behind a hard-hitting 14-part series in English and Portuguese that Mongabay is producing with The Intercept-Brasil exploring the many impacts of massive dam development projects in Brazil’s Tapajos Basin.

You can read all the features and watch the powerful videos Sue and team have produced for the series right here.

Sometimes your reporting has an impact that you don’t actually realize…These reports that we’re doing for Mongabay, we may discover such an impact…the Brazilian prosecutor is asking for compensation for this indigenous community, but there may also be other impacts that we only discover years later.

We journalists sometimes feel we just go on reporting and don’t really change very much, but now and again you come up with cases where you very definitely have changed things, and it makes you feel like, OK, it really was worthwhile.

– Sue Branford


And here’s this episode’s top news:

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An indigenous woman washing a carpet in Brazil’s Teles Pires River. The Munduruku and other indigenous groups rely on the river for everything — for work and play, as livelihood and a transportation corridor. The Teles Pires dam has negatively impacted many of these activities. Photo by Thais Borges.

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