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Newscast #9: Joel Berger on overlooked ‘edge species’ that deserve conservation

Happy New Year to all of our faithful listeners!

On the first episode of 2017, we’re joined by Joel Berger, a professor at Colorado State University and a senior scientist with the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society, who recently wrote a commentary for Mongabay arguing that there are many large mammals living in remote regions, what are sometimes called “edge species,” that are wrongfully overlooked by conservation initiatives.

We’re also joined by Andrew Whitworth, a conservation and biodiversity scientist with the University of Glasgow, who shares with us some of the recordings he’s made in the field of a critically endangered bird called the Sira Curassow.


Here’s this episode’s top news for your further reading pleasure:

Since this is the first episode of 2017, we wanted to also let you know about some of what Mongabay achieved in 2016. We produced 1,300 stories in English, 2,000 in Indonesian, and 500 in Spanish, expanded our network by 100+ correspondents in 30 countries, and launched a Spanish-language environmental news service for Latin America, based in Lima, Peru. Across our English, Spanish, and Indonesian sites, we received 28 million visits in 2016 — and 2017 promises to be even bigger. We’re glad you’re tuning in with us!

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Newborn saiga calf. Photo courtesy of Buuveibaatar / WCS.

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